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Practically every company, which does custom web design and development, claims, that they offer the best website designs and the best web services. It's quite understandable, that this is one of the marketing approaches to their audience, to reassure their clients that they will get best service. Everyone knows this, and still tries to find a company with the best service for them. So what should you focus your attention on, while searching for the best of the best?

In the very beginning, when you are searching for a company that will suit your needs and will be able to offer the best service for you, it would be good to compile a list of the portfolios, which caught your attention, and the companies you are considering to order your website from, and then do a bit more of research.


First of all it's the price. You shouldn't be hoping to get the best web service both fast and quick ? this doesn't exist. If a design agency tries to persuade you that you found the best and the cheapest, you can cross this one out on your list right away. Professional and the best web designers / developers will never work for cheap, and you can be sure , that high-profile companies might not even take small projects, since it's not quite profitable as to the price and time.

Quality of service

By now it should be obvious, that the best web design will not be cheap. What about the quality. Try to check the recent works of the companies you have on your list, evaluate and select what, in your opinion is the best, and choose the best option with affordable price according to your budget.


Don't forget to look for testimonials and feedback about the company you are planning to hire. Besides checking the testimonials on their site, it would be really useful to find feedback elsewhere. It's obvious that no company will post negative feedback about themselves on their own site.

So, when you've made up your mind, evaluated all pros and cons, and have chosen the best web design company, do read their terms of service. Otherwise, you might find out that you have to pay additional fees, according to certain terms of a company.

How does Elune Art position itself among the variety of other web design and development companies, which claim to be the best? We will not try to convince you with giant banners that we are the best. You are welcome to do some research about our company and compare our services with the other companies, as it was mentioned above. Many people might find Elune Art as the best web design company for them, as others have. We've designed custom web sites, skins for blogs, various cms, forums, e-commerce, redesigned outdated-looking sites, and our clients were happy that they hired us.

How does the process go?

  • »Communicating with a client, understanding the client's goals, audience and preferences. Each client receives our questionnaire to fill out, which will keep all the details of the project documented.
  • »Planning the content and structure of the web site, establishing timelines and development solutions.
  • »Creating the interface, showing it to the client, if necessary, revising it.
  • »Coding the interface, showing the coded site to the client, if necessary, revising it.
  • »Site goes live
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Why choose us?

  • 100% custom designs
  • Easy design order procedure
  • Quality service guaranteed
  • No pre-made design templates or design generating softwares
  • Professional approach to any project
  • High quality graphics on your website
  • Experienced website designers
  • Affordable, cutting-edge solutions for complex tasks
  • 24/7 Support team
  • Free quote option

What people say:

  • Will Bowen, International Bestselling Author and Speaker - Happy This Year!
    I have worked with several web site builders over the years and Elune Art is by far the best! They far exceeded my expectations, they were quick to respond whenever there was a question or an issue, and they finished their work on time. I plan to use them again and I encourage you to use them as well.

  • Dr.Nicole Joseph
    There is nothing more important than the face of your business, that's why I'm glad I hired Elune Art (and worked with Victoria Costa) to design and host my professional website. From the beginning Victoria and her staff were both friendly and professional, working with me on every aspect of my design, including budget, helping me translate my vision into reality. At first I was hesitant to work with a company who was not local to me because I assumed that I would have to meet many times with someone personally to get the site I wanted; however, I found Elune Art to be fair, honest, openly communicative, and non-pretentious. They delivered my website on-time and under budget!! In the end, I can honestly say that the website far exceeded my expectations!! Victoria went above and beyond to add details that were both original and practical and, most importantly, in the spirit of my vision. I am so proud that my site is the face of my business. All my colleagues are envious and assume that they could not afford such a site because it looks like I paid 10xs as much as it cost. I strongly recommend Elune Art for excellent website design, good value, and fabulous customer service!
    Dr. Nicole Joseph, Clinical Psychologist, Vienna, VA
  • Yumi Nakata -

    I am very happy with my new website Elune Art made. Their customer service and talent exceeded my expectation. My new website truly represents my ideas and business identity, and i have been getting compliments from everyone. Their prices are affordable and reasonable for high quality work and services they provide.
    Thank you very much for making this wonderful website, and I look forward to working with Elune Art in the nearest future.
  • Rent My Amarillo
    Elune Art is full of outstanding creativity and a multitude of talents. They are capable of taking a simple idea and creating a complete, eye catching, intelligent website. With impeccable interpretation of client expectations, Elune Art produces a high quality product at an extremely affordable price. No doubt, Elune Art will be our first choice for future website design.
    We are extremely happy with our new site. Expect a lightning fast response to questions and great quality designs at an affordable price. We highly recommend Elune Art and will continue to use their services!
    I looked for months before finding someone to produce a new website design for my company SliQTools. I not only wanted a fresh, clean and stylish design but I wanted one that took into account SEO aspects. Elune Art fitted my requirements perfectly. Vicky came up with a great, unique and modern looking design in a very short time. I was able to replace the pages on my existing site without losing any position in search engine ranking. I've now used Elune for three web designs and found them to be professional and a pleasure to work with each time. I'd definitely recommend their services.
  • Dan Guy
    I've used Elune Art for several different designs now, and each time they've consistently provided an extremely high quality product for of a fraction of the cost of other design agencies I've used in the past. Each design has been very clean and optimized well with full browser support and a minimum of fuss to plug into existing code. Vicky is very responsive, and provides valuable conceptual advice as well as timely status throughout all phases of the project.
  • Blackfoot Hosting Ltd
    I am delighted with our website redesign and wouldn't hesitate to use your services again. The whole process went very smoothly as you seemed to grasp what we wanted very quickly and responded to our requests very promptly with additional features and pages. It has been a pleasure to work with you - thank you again.
  • Opensourcehost and OpenSourceCMS
    "I was very happy with Omega's work. My banners were made quickly, and when I needed a little tweaking to make them perfect it was done without hesitation. Good job."
    Scott Goodwin
  • H-Realms hosting
    "Highly recommended!! Just had some banners made and they were outstanding. Completed several in less than a day, I only had to give some idea of what I wanted and she designed and produced a great set to review before transaction was completed. Will become a repeat customer."
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